Common dealership fees you should not pay to car dealers

When buying a car, you are ready to pay on expenses on the car as a result of which car dealers try charging more than required. Have a rough idea about how much you are willing to pay and do the paperwork. Car dealers do everything for commission but you have to save yourself while buying used cars in Apex.

What are the things you need to check before buying a used car?

  1. Necessary fees

Certain fees need payment as soon as you plan on purchasing the car. Do your bit of researching to find out whether the fee is necessary or not!

  • Advertisement fees

Dealers pay the advertisement cost for advertising their vehicle which they might try forwarding to you. Before paying that cost, check out the paperwork to find how much they are adding in the paperwork. It might be something new in the contract and this is one fee that you have ended up paying while buying used cars in Apex.

  1. Fees that you should never pay

Do not be a fool while planning to buy a car and stop yourself from paying fees that are extras. Some of these fees are:

  • Fabric protection

Spraying Scotchgard helps seats in going a long way rather than paying the dealer to spray car seat sprays for you. Some things like windshield sun protector goes a long way. If you genuinely want to protect your car seats, the best spending will be buying seat covers.

  • Dealer preparation charge

This might come as an unofficial sticker with your bill. The preparation fee is the charge for putting all things together, finalizing the sale, listing things, etc. It is not an additional expense and becomes part of the retail price.

  • Paint protection

Paint protection is a kind of transparent film made using urethane material. Even if the used car, the paint protection is something that needs to be added to the list itself. Many cars come with galvanized metal for protection against rust.

  • Etching vehicle identification number

Car dealers try selling this to you as an added precaution for the protection of your car being stolen. They are right but doing this in an auto shop would cost so less.

Ask for all fees if you are not sure about it. Car dealers at Apex Imports are honest and help you with all kinds of problems that you might face. Clear out all payment-related deals and ask why is a charge necessary.

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