Builder gels or constructoressemipermanentes can be compared to that of acrylic nails. They are used to create and build shape because they are stronger than the usual brush on type gels. It is more expensive than traditional manicures because it is mostly done in salons. Since it can be too complicated to perform on one’s self, it requires professional help. It lasts longer than normal polish and dries a lot faster than regular polish. Semi-permanent construction builder gels can last up to a couple of weeks without chipping, peeling or cracking. It also feels more natural and less rigid than acrylic nail extensions.

Some strengthen fragile nails and extend the duration of semi-permanent enameling. Rebuilding the nails has become easier and more comfortable.

Four shades of the semi-hard gel

  • Semi Hardi Clear

This transparent builder gel has the same properties as a soft builder gel. Applied on top of the semi-permanent base, it lengthens and rebuilds the natural nail plate up to 5mm. This is ideal for weak and brittle nails.

  • Semi Hardi Milk

Having a milky tone, it serves to increase the strength of the semi-permanent and rebuilds the nail. This leaves a very natural perfect tone for French manicures. Applied on top of the base, it can be built up to 5mm.

  • Semi Hardi Rosa

This semi-permanent builder has a pink and reddish tone. It has the same properties as the other products of the Semi Hard range. Applied on top of the semi-permanent base like the Semi Hardi Clear, it can be built up to 5mm.

  • Semi Hardi White

This one is a pure white strengthener and not a builder. It is ideal for highlighting bright neon colors or highlighting the tone of the cakes. The thick consistency makes its application much easier.

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Steps on How to Build with the Semi Hard Range

Keep in mind that it is still a semi-permanent product which needs to be applied on top of the base. Start the construction using the brush in the bottle. Putting a mold is recommended although not required.

  • Remove and push the cuticles. Shape the nail using a lime. Open the nail pore by passing the polished block and then use the Nail Cleaner liquid to degrease it. Apply Primer Without Acid for problematic nails.
  • Once the nail is ready, apply a very thin layer of base without touching the cuticle. Dry it in a lamp. Make sure to properly seal the free edge of the nail.
  • Apply a layer of Semi Hardi on the entire nail plate. Build the nail with the desired shape on top of a mold up to 5mm at most. Dry it again in a lamp. It is recommended to dry it twice as usual.
  • To give it the desired thickness and shape, apply the second layer of the Semi Hard. Dry it again using the lamp with double drying time.
  • Using the Nail Cleaner, clean the sticky layer of the nail. Shape the newly constructed nail using a 100/180 grenade file.
  • Once the desired shape is achieved, use a polishing pad to clarify the nail. Then use the Nail Cleaner to degrease it. Next, follow the semi-permanent enameling; two layers of color and one of top. You can skip putting color when using the Semi Hardi Milk or Rosa since they come pigmented.

Maintenance every two weeks or so is required. Failure to do so will result in an unsightly regrowth and unbalanced nail. It will also increase the risk of bacterial infection. Hard Gel, like nail extensions, requires you to buff off ⅓ to ½ of the old gel. After cleansing the gel you can apply a fresh gel to give back the strength. Be careful when you filing to remove the old gel so that you do not damage your nails.

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