Top-tech talent is in high demands in the IT sector and industry in 2020. There is a hurry to fill all these high demand roles, before it gets too competitive. It can be hugely challenging to find the right talent for a job and the right job for a potential candidate. This year’s most demanded roles ranged from a lot data focused as well as security related positions. There has been a rising demand in the tech sector all over the world including it jobs in singapore.

Some of these in demand jobs this year that had a lot of tough competition are as follows.

  1. AI Architect: Artificial Intelligence (AI) department has become increasingly in demand in recent years. AI application programming and change management experience are in high demand. Some other skills required are machine learning, strategic thinking, natural language processing skills as well as time management and organizational skills.
  2. Business Intelligence Analyst: BI analysts require a lot of experience in database analyzing and reporting tools. The basic requirement is a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems or engineering. Its a role with increasing importance and requires skills like online analytical processing (OLAP), data cube technology and experience with database technology and queries.
  3. Data analyst, scientist or engineer: Data specialists are in high demand with the increase in data management among small an businesses alike. Data can be highly sensitive and its protection becomes extremely crucial. The skills required in this job include experience in gathering and processing data, ability to provide insights on data sets, identifying new sources of data, as well as experience in data integration projects.
  4. Developers (web, software, mobile): Jobs in these sectors are mainly responsible for designing, developing, installing, testing and maintaining software systems. These jobs require coding skills and experience with programming languages like C++, HTML, Java, Microsoft.NET and SQL server. A bachelor’s degree in computer science as well as analytical and technical skills and a two-year bootcamp certification is also required
  5. Network Security Professionals: With the increasing rely on data and its managements also comes its protection and security. These IT network security professionals ensure safety from potential threats inside and outside the organization. The skills and experiences to look for are: managing security audits, threats and vulnerabilities, experience with security systems, ability to communicate security policies as well as knowledge of compliance laws and regulations for the industry.

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