It is possible to find the right name in 5 minutes by chance, but in 99% of cases, you have to follow a method that will allow you to find dozens of names, to keep 3 or 4 to choose the best branding agency Manchester  or the one who is not already taken!

Why is there a good brand name?

Simply because it is one of the essential elements of your success: This is what your prospects will hear in the first sentence that you say when you introduce yourself. This is often the first thing they see of you (eg in a search engine, in the directory, on a billboard. This is the way to differentiate a  branding agency manchester product/service from your competitors to make it “unique. It is a positioning criterion that gives the notion of value for money (for example, between a fast-food restaurant and an American restaurant, the difference in fare level can be important, but the content of the plate can be identical. If you are a challenger to a leading brand, you must generate more emotions so that the prospect takes the risk of choosing you rather than choosing the security of the leading brand.

branding agency manchesterSome main criteria for choosing a product are the price, the brand or the emotion generated during the act of purchase. But as there will always be cheaper competitors, and it is very hard to create a powerful brand in a market. The perception of the price and value of a product depends on the emotion it gives off so that one customer will be inclined to buy your product over another because it gives off emotion and value higher perceived e.g. packaging, presentation texts. The goal is to strengthen your empathy towards your target (put yourself in its place), and identify exactly what their needs, their expectations … in relation to the product you are designing.

For example, if your typical customer is a Technology Geek fan you will be able to use words like Firewall, Spyware … but if your customer is no longer a letter student who is not a fan of technology you will be fleeing it … The profile of your persona is generally based on either qualitative methods (meeting prospects & customers, talking to consultants, analyzing competitors ‘Facebook pages, watching Linkedin on your clients’ profiles …), or on quantitative methods. (conduct a study by email on a target, launch a Facebook Ads campaign.

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