Services One Can Avail Via J&T Cargo

Services One Can Avail Via J&T Cargo

It’s a smart option to undertake some investigation ahead of approaching logistics company firms in Indonesia regarding shipping the products internationally. A basic understanding of sea routes and immigration rules can aid them in the talks with an evaluation of any potential shipping company in Indonesia.

One may always have J&T Cargo carry your cargo from out Indonesia instead of seeking local providers.

Global Shipping Limitations from Indonesia

Exports of commodities from Indonesia are subject to numerous restrictions imposed by the authority. Their DGNED webpage has additional information regarding items that are limited or forbidden from exporting, but in general, there seem to be 4 types (or degrees) of control.

  • Unrestricted items: These products are not limited, therefore you are independent to travel them as long as you fulfill the govt’s conditions for recognition as an operator.
  • The following items are subject to the international trading economy: If you want to export certain items, you should first become a registered exporter of such particular items.
  • Export regulated goods: These items can only be exported with the official consent of the Indonesian Department of Trade.
  • Goods that are not allowed to be exported: You might not even transport these items out of Indonesian at all under the conditions, as the label says.

The Trade Statement of Indonesian Authorities (PEB)

The shipping company must approve either of your shipments for transshipment from Indonesia with the immigration department.

  • the exporter’s identity;
  • The identification of the person who will receive your items;
  • The mode of conveyance that you can use to deliver your product;
  • The country of departure;

Details about your products, including the kind, quantity, and vessel number along with the Information about the firm that will be serving as your shipping company, for instance, J&T Cargo.