The Welfare Association that Showed A New Horizon of Life

The previous situation in Pakistan was consistently disregarding people to develop any incidents or programs to be situated properly. The decades of the 2000s proved to be a nightmare for Pakistan. New catastrophic events started to take place. Many people left their homes to save their lives.

A dry season full of devastation, two fierce tremors and a couple of floods made the situation even worse. However, the people who dedicated their life for mankind never stopped.

Bashir and Mariyam Dawood, the kind-hearted global citizens understood that the sense of charity and urge of helping those who are in need is vital. These though gave birth to ‘Sickkids’- a children health organization in Canada. If you want to find out its roots, you need to look back at a century back-1875.  The aim of this organization was to diminish youth illnesses across the globe and form a better planet.

Welfare Association

This organization acts by arranging relevant researches, making better medical health facilities,

and making the futures of the globe psychologically and physically fit and healthy.

Maryam and Bashir Dawood have always provided their support to Sickkids so that they can reach their goal of making a healthy planet without any financial barriers.

This organization is dedicatedly serving people, specifically children across the globe, irrespective of their nationality or religious belief.

This organization arranges funds for complicated treatments of children, take an active part in translated research and they are working in this way by taking the sky as the limit.

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