Things to consider before purchasing a filling machine

It might be a little complicated when purchasing a filling machine. This is due to the large variety of options available for it. They all differ from each other based on their purposes and requirements. You can choose a drum filling machine. You need to be exactly sure about the kind of filling machine which you require. We have pointed out some of the points which you should consider before purchasing a filling machine.

drum filling machineMaterial to fill

Most of the filling machine is designed to store a particular type of products. These products may be dry goods such as powder or pills, or liquid products. Thus, it is important that you consider the viscosity of the product and also its consistency. The product’s viscosity will help you in determining the type of filling techniques which you must use for the proper handling of your item. If you will be using it for a product with high viscosity, you will need to purchase a filling machine which is capable of handling the physical properties of the item. This is because it will be difficult for the liquid filler to pump a low viscous product like water into a bottle than filling it with a high viscous liquid into the same bottle.

Carbonated product

To fill a filling machine with a carbonated beverage, a unique type of technique for filling is required. You will need to purchase a filling machine which is designed to fill the carbonated product properly. The machine required is known as counter pressure fillers. It preserves the liquid from carbonating during the bottling through the process of double pre-evacuation. This method removes the air from the bottle and pressurizes it with carbon dioxide. Then the process is repeated to remove all the oxygen from it and this is known as double pre-evacuation. The final result is a carbonated product which is bottled and have a longer shelf-life.

Type of container

It is important to know about the physical properties of the containers which you will be using. This will help you in knowing the type of filling technique which your machine must use. The bottle’s attribute must be compatible with the filling method of the machine. This is because different bottle fillers have a different way of grabbing the container. Some grab it using the top while some grab it sideways. So, if your bottle has a cap which is unique, any normal filling machine might not work with your bottle.


Choose carefully before you purchase a filling machine.

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