What are Pergola and its types?

A pergola can provide different purposes and they are usually based on the wishes of their owners. You can also customize your own pergola according to your needs and requirements.

Creating pergolas is an extremely effective method to add beauty to your place. Investing in a pergola is a lifetime investment, as it will increase your property value. When you are considering installing a pergola for your house, you might come across a variety of pergolas and each of them has its own features and benefits.

You can find many types of pergolas and choose one based on your needs, style of your home and budget. Some of its types are as follows:

  • Wood – Wooden pergolas provide a natural as well as an elegant appearance to the backyard of your house. With wood, you can design a pergola in a number of ways in order to decorate your backyard. Nowadays, these wooden structures come in pre-cut designs so that you do not have to spend much effort in installing them.
  • Metal – If you want your pergola to look sleek and contemporary, then consider the metal ones. A metal pergola is a versatile choice where you can find different types, styles, colors, and designs to choose from. Aside from its long-lasting nature, it is extremely easy for people to install it in their backyard. Some of the metals used to make pergolas are:
    • Aluminum – If you are looking for a cost-effective option, then you must consider choosing an aluminum metal pergola. It needs less maintenance when compared to other metal pergolas and it also is known for its durability. They are the best choice for owners who are installing pergolas for the first time in their place. They are light-weighted metal and therefore easy to handle and install.
    • Steel – Pergolas that are constructed with metals like steels are stronger than others and they are the sturdiest ones on the market. It is likely to last the longest and is good to choose this type in places which have bad weather conditions and are a great option for sheltering gardens. As a whole, it is an attractive method to make shade on your deck.

Hope, this article has helped to know different types of pergolas which provide an attractive and stylish look to your home and garden. You have to install one carefully in your backyard.

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