Get in Track with your Child’s Academic Records

Developmental Milestones

Raising a child entails having heart and mind for it. Caregivers especially parents must impart discipline to the child. Honesty must be given importance so that the child will develop it through the years. In the developmental stages where learning and honing is crucial, parents must be committed. A child who at younger stages have experienced being lied upon will most likely think of these as normal later on. They may grow up not realizing the importance of honesty. These children will most likely cheat in class, makeup excuses, and get involved in trouble.

Parent SAPS

Students nowadays become less sensitive about their grades. Parents are not anymore updated on their academic status. They even find means to fabricate their report card and test results. Saps ibu bapa or parent SAPS is a system intended for parents to monitor children’s academic record. It is a school exam analysis system that parents can access any time of the day.

The benefits

It is very convenient and efficient in the sense that parents do not anymore need to go directly to the school to access their child’s grades. Teachers could also save time and effort. It will spare them from too much paper works in providing hard copies of the report cards.

With the advancement of technology, teaching should also have the elements of innovation as indicated in Saps ibu bapa. Teachers are obliged to encode the test scores and grades as soon as possible so that parents can be aware of their child’s performance at a faster pace. Thus, teachers are subjected to learn and get involved in improving teaching process for a better generation.

About SAPS Community Forum

SAPS community forum is a place where you can discuss all benefits and downsides of this new parent school exam analysis system. Here you are free to tell any of your concerns or express gratitude. Also, you can write any question related to this system and get a professional answer to it.

As parents, it is important to keep in track about your child’s standing. It is one way to know if they are performing well, distracted, or inconsistent. With that, it will give you the idea on what might be happening with your child’s life and find ways to deal with it, talk about it and find means to solve it.


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