The Best IB Math Study Guide for the Students

In the whole IB curriculum, IB Math HL and IB Math SL are considered as the most difficult or critical examinations. This is the reasons why students need some extra help on these classes and that help can be attained by choosing professional and experienced IB math exam tutor. So, how to be prepared for these examinations? What are the mistakes that students quite commonly make when appearing for this examination? Is there any hidden trick or tip for students? Answers to all these questions have been discussed in the following section of this article.

IB math exam tutor

Using Command + F

Students check online resources for getting prepared with the syllabus of this examination. Those, who check online resources, are advised to learn the use of “Command + F” for finding suitable materials online. For example, students need to check “algebraic sequences”. For doing that, Command + F should be used for launching the search box. Once you find the search box on screen, you can simply type “algebraic sequence” in that search box. This will help you to find a lot of materials that are related to algebraic sequence.

Categorization of Materials

A professional IGCSE chemistry tutor would definitely suggest the students to categorize the materials that they find on the internet. Segregation of resources is required for organized studying approach. So, here is the categorization that you can follow.

  • Large Notes: Notes that are more than 7-8 pages long should be considered as large notes. Collecting these notes is important for detailed analysis on a subject.
  • Video: Apart from text based guide, various video guides can also be found online and they are highly helpful for the students.
  • Quicken References: These materials can also be termed as short notes and they help students to get quick references on a specific subject.

Under guidance of a good teacher, students have to follow the studying schedule religiously for doing well in the exams.

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