It’s called volatility, and it’s not just the bitcoin exchange rate that seems to be changing day by day. The price of many things, such as a company’s stock, currency, oil, and many other products, can be quite volatile. The sum bitcoin news  market is still comparatively little compared to other industries. It does not take a lot of trade and money to raise or lower market prices.

How to earn bitcoins for free

Do you want to have free bitcoins? There are many ways to get it. We will get a fast tour of the dissimilar techniques to win them for free. But before that, I have to remind you a little bit about the history of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology. Since its creation in 2008, Bitcoin has reached new heights, reaching 20,000 dollars in sales prices! Originally, it was possible to earn dozens of bitcoins by performing small tasks and participating in the faucet. Since the prices have soared, the means to earn bitcoins have been multiplied. However, the rewards have moved in the opposite direction. You can still earn bitcoin news  for free but only small amounts. FreeBitcoin. You can earn bitcoins by filling in a captcha every hour. You will win a few dozen or hundreds of satoshis as well as tickets for lotteries and loyalty points. Your earnings will vary depending on the number that will be allocated to you. The higher the number, the more you earn bitcoins. You can then try to make your satoshis grow by playing the different games offered: a kind of roulette, lottery, betting.

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