Aspects to consider when choosing a wedding cake

We all know that there is no party without cake. Whether we celebrate a birthday, a job promotion or a wedding, the cake will always be a relevant element to consider. Therefore, today we present the five most important aspects to take into account when choosing the cake for your wedding cake shop raffles.


Many couples do not consider requesting a tasting session when quoting a wedding cake. However, it is essential to coordinate an appointment. This aspect is closely related to the previous point, although here we want to mention the importance of the flavors of the cake. It is a reality that you will not be able to please everyone and even less on your wedding day, but we can assure you that the classic flavors will always be winners for all your guests. Our suggestion is that you opt for a classic flavor with additional fillings such as red fruits, hazelnuts or liquor, that is, the range of possibilities is wide and an excellent confectioner will give you flavors that impact. The day of the session you will not only choose the flavors, ingredients and textures, but you will spend an afternoon eating free cake. What more can you ask? Ask for the tasting sessions to your pastry supplier.


Cake is not another element in the menu of your wedding, but manages to tune it with the theme you chose by personalizing it to the fullest. It does not matter if your style is conservative, romantic or crazy; there will always be ways to express what you and your partner are. When you choose a cake, think about what colors, shapes and textures harmonize with the general theme of your wedding. Internet is full of places to get ideas for wedding cakes. Take a couple of afternoons with your partner to be very clear what they want, this way, when they submit to quote the order they will know every detail and the process will be much faster.

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