Even in the small details, Singapore produces excellence. So nobody is surprised when a native of this extraordinary City State holds forth on a common cake-cum-cookie, the universal Brownie. The best brownies Singapore are in fact by considered the best in the world.


The Brownies have originated from the United States of America, and are a delicious square or rectangle of chocolate baked confection which can be cakey or fudgy as desired. But to be a true Singapore Brownie, it needs to have the following boxes ticked:

  • It must have a regular Serving Size.
  • There are 1oz Brownies, which are 132 ca;ories each. The smallest is 2” square, which is 112 calories. Then there is the 100gm Brownie, which is 466 calories.
  • The best Singapore Brownies have long Shelf Lives.
  • Where most ordinary brownies last only 1 to 2 days, the Singapore Brownies last up to 4days even after cutting. In freezers, Singapore Brownies last well over the prescription 3 to 4 months.
  • The Recipe is the proverbial final nail, and ensures that each Singapore Brownie turns out perfectly composed, baked and textured.

The Best

The finest Brownies in Singapore are from The White Spatula, on Jalan Pelicat. Variations are immense, and some of the best are as follows:

  • WS Fudgy Brownie Cubes.
  • Stay Home Box Assorted Brownies.
  • Fresh strawberry coated with chocolate designs.


White Spatula produces the best brownies Singapore. Their legendary cakes and pastries have adorned most high class parties in this ever-celebrating City.

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