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In the gaming world, people have been inculcated in several games. Other than the right things, people wish to find interesting games. Gone are the days where children and youngsters spend time in front of television. These days are the technological days where there are many options available for enjoying their free time. One of their enjoyments is playing online games. Though there are many games, adventurous games like WoT is-2 may bring special enthusiasm to the players. World of tanks is a popular game that brings fun to the players. IS-2, a real military legend has been created in Soviet Union. There are many reasons to buy IS-2 account in the site.

The tanks were used in the attacks during the Second World War and after that in an aggressive manner. IS-2 was also sent to Chinese army in the 1950s. After that, tank has been widely used all over in the Oriental East. Tank games are also famous in Korea and Vietnam, IS-2 a great role for Indochina war. As these machines are very hard to repair, China replaced those machines by Type 59 machines. It is easy to repair and transportation is easier.

IS-2, one of the military machines left its strong footprint in many countries. As a result, it created a great impact in the World of Tanks game. The tank has many common IS versions that are overtaken by new ones. IS-2 has better armor protection. However, it has worse gun depression angle. Shooting characteristics used here are similar to the German heavy tanks. IS-2 is fast and high mobility when compared to other heavyweight. It also has powerful engine that develops 37km/hr speed.

World of Tanks

IS-2, an improved version of IS, helps in improving the performance in urban area and during close fighting. The main features of IS-2 World of Tanks include the following things namely,

  • Mobility
  • Armament
  • Engine power
  • Maximum Speed
  • Traverse
  • Damage
  • Penetration

Everything becomes handy when you indulge in the right gaming sites. Online world is full of games. There are many tips and tricks to be enhanced in order to get the right clue about the World of Tanks game. Some of the reasons to play the game in the site  are listed below

  • Strong protection over turret
  • Compared to the previous version, IS-2 has better protected turret with no short trap
  • Assisting with a reliable gun
  • It has 50 more hit coins compared to previous version

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