Overview- Rental OSRS Account

You can rent an OSRS Max main account quite easily at the NMZ Training and test your luck in Runescape. Renting an account from us is fast and easy. We even accept a wide range of payment methods.

Working of Max main rental OSRS account

We pay an amount per day for a max main rental account, and the price judging by your account. More money you will be paid for renting Runescape accounts.

Why does NMZ Training rent Runescape accounts from people?

We rent high-level Runescape accounts for making Runescape gold fast, as we all know, how it is long to power leveling Runescape accounts, but what if you can rent your high combat level Runescape accounts to us, this helps us to save huge time on the Runescape power leveling. You can earn more amounts per day, and you can earn huge amount per month for renting Runescape accounts.

The Best Runescape accounts to rent

At the present, most popular Runescape accounts for Runescape money making are the 90+ attack, 90+strength, 90+ defenses, and 80+ prayer level. But it doesn’t matter if your dung level is under 70 or prayer level under 80, as long as your attack, strength, defense level are 80+, we will need all these Runescape accounts.

Why You Choose Us

Despite having a lot of customers feedbacks and donations on forums, we keep our rates fair. We believe that people should pay the right and fair price for the gold. We are proud of the fact that we sell the cheapest 2007 Runescape and Runescape 3 gold among many trusted gold sellers on the market. Among competitive rates, we also add bulk bonuses and discounts. We make sure to update the price of our OSRS gold every single day. Our suppliers hourly stock us, thus we rarely run out of Old School Runescape or Runescape 3 gold. There is no other place that you find such a great combination of price, service quality and reputation.

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