Playing Simulation Games Online – A Great Way to Pass the Time

Some Facebook users can now play simulators online. These simple games allow you to spend a few minutes and also allow you to play several times a day. But you do not need to limit yourself to Facebook if you want to spend more free time. There are some games that have been available for many years, and there are new ones that are released almost every day. Some online games require a monthly fee, some games can be played for free, but in a limited way, and some are absolutely free.

These games are called applications or apps

These games are small applications that run on Facebook servers and cannot be downloaded or played on a computer at home. Landwirtschafts Simulator 17 kostenlos is one of these games, this game is for you if you have always dreamed of being a farmer. But there are many other games available, combat games, urban construction, business simulations … whatever you think, there are many possibilities that something was created.

All Facebook games are free, but you can use real money to buy things like money to play, try, improve, etc. Using real money can allow you to go to a level that is not available to a free player or can make you move faster than a free player. But many players like to play strictly for free, only to try to go further than the players who use the money to advance. But how you play depends on you.

Landwirtschafts Simulator 17

With these games on Facebook, you should know that, while you are on the social bookmarking site, the games constantly encourage you to play with friends. This can range from sending free gifts to friends for use in the game and, in fact, attracting friends at the beginning of the game. Some people find it annoying, while others love it. If this is what you are interested in, then playing these applications is an excellent way to meet new people and make new friends.

There are other online games that are not associated with social networking sites. These games are often more intense, contain more details, are more complex and are designed to give you hours of play instead of minutes. However, for those who want to meet new people who are interested in the game, developers often offer forums where people can talk to other people, ask questions, etc.


Some online simulators can continue forever if you wish. It is up to you to decide at what point it ends, you decide when it is enough when you visit

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