Bashir Dawood: Learning from the Enthusiasm of Our Children!

Sometimes it seems to you that your child’s school is constantly raising funds. It may seem that not even a week passes when the form returns home on something or another. If they do not raise funds for the school, other small charity fundraisers, local or national, always participate. It is a real temptation to simply sigh and groan “oh no other.” We all have a busy life, juggling work, children, at home, it seems that something else is another “undesirable thing”, a tedious task that must be “taken out of the way”!

And this is a real shame. If you go back and spend five minutes thinking about it, the school fundraiser really gives you and your children a lot of pleasure.

Bashir Dawood

What could be better than a common effort

A task with a clear focus and an ultimate goal. The opportunity to try something new and do something else, be it a school holiday or an attempt to sell light bulbs to raise funds from the catalog of light bulbs like Bashir Dawood. What a great way to teach project skills.

Things that seem banal and banal to us may seem exciting tests for our children. Children enjoy the activities. They like to set small tasks. They like to see the results. They like to work together and (if I remember my childhood) they like to compete a little.

Another thing you can teach is charity. About what the world is and what we would like to do about it. This is a great thing to learn. If all this is done with sensitivity and caution, charitable donations can be an excellent way to teach children how to give, share, understand and help.

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