What are the features of Snoop Dogg G Pen vaporizer?

Snoop Dogg pen is one of the advanced forms of vaping devices. It has become most popular among those who like to vape dry herbs. Vaping devices are battery-operated machines that people use to inhale different types of aerosol, herbs which typically included nicotine and hashish. Their appearance is very much similar to a traditional cigarette, cigar, or hookah. They come in different sizes and different colours. These devices added additional style to your personality. Snoop Dogg G Pen is an exclusive device used to inhale dry herbs. It gives stylish look and is built from stainless body metal which is non-fragile. When you see Snoop Dogg G Pen review on the internet given by verified users you will come to know about its properties on its own. It has three major components including a mouthpiece. It has one rechargeable battery that you can charge with a USB 2.0 charger.

How does the Snoop Dogg G pen work?

A heating chamber that includes dry herb which is gets heated through a third component known as the heating element. Using G pen is simple but one should keep practice for proper use. The process of inhaling is done by keeping the mouthpiece into your mouth and turn on the button so that the heating chamber that includes dry herb starts to heat through the heating element. Rechargeable battery act as a source of heat for the heating element. Now you have to inhale and then exhale the smoke. This process is repeatedly done until the dry herb becomes like burnt popcorn. Snoop Dogg G pen has several features that make it unique from other vaping devices:

  1. First of all, it has a safety feature on it. For turning on and off to the device you have press the button five or six times quickly. It saves you from any accidentally turning on of the device when you are keeping it in your pocket or other places.
  2. The whole body of this device is made up of stainless steel which is hard and doesn’t have any chance to break.
  3. Its compact design is another feature that makes it unique.
  4. It is a portable device that you can keep it easily in your pocket and can carry anywhere you want.
  5. It has single button activation which is very simple to understand.
  6. The quality of the heating coil in it is very high.

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