What do you understand by the term disaster management?

A disaster is that event that disrupts normal situations of survival and damages the victim community to a level greater than its ability to accommodate. It is that sudden and catastrophic occurrence that seriously affects the functioning of any specific community or society. It became a cause for losses to humans, goods, economy, or the environment at the largest level. Its capacity is much bigger than the ability to use its own resources by any society or community. Although often due to nature, disaster can have a human origin. It is said that

(Susceptibility +Hazard)/ Capacity = Disaster

A disaster takes place when there is a dangerous effect on risky people. A group of threats, helplessness, and failure to mitigate potential negative significances of risk comes into a disaster. Many affiliated groups work for society and help then in decreasing the disaster effect. They also help them to recover from disasters. To know more about disasters go to several websites and click here to read related articles.


Disaster management: All those organizations that work to deal with any human or environment emergencies. They organize and manage all those resources that deal with all human aspects at the time of disaster. The working of these organizations is done step by step that includes preparedness, response, and recovery from any disaster. The first people who respond to any kind of disaster are the local communities. They are the first who do operations to rescue and relieve. The disaster management organizations, therefore, select the localities for disaster preparedness. They help them prepare to fight with any difficult situation and prepare them to face with large strength. When the ability of society or country to respond and recover from a disaster is overcome these organizations use their local and international networks and asking them to help by providing assets and resources so that victims can emerge from disaster easily. The disaster management field is to serve others. They help people, communities, and the environment at a difficult time when they are facing any type of disaster.

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