Wonders of Shock Absorbing Casters

Almost all industries around the world, whether large, small or medium, use the wheels in one way or another. The benefits of the shock absorbing casters are well known, and the use of the correct model can reduce the risk of accidents and damage to the goods. The idea of ​​introducing damping springs in conventional wheel housing is ingenious, as it solves several difficult problems, namely: reducing the impact and vibration of delicate products, damaging surfaces and reducing noise.

shock absorbing castersMost wheels with shock absorber or spring are made of steel painted black

Essentially, these rollers consist of a modified housing, to which is attached a suspension with spring. This allows them to absorb sudden jerks when carrying excess weight and protects sensitive loads. This is especially useful when working with large amounts of fragile loads, where a bump caused by an uneven surface can damage the load. The reason for installing springs to absorb the impact on the rollers is simply to reduce the impact caused by the use of a sprung deflection strategy. Rollers used in industrial environments often come into contact with hard surfaces that can damage sensitive products.

Consequently, due to the installation of a damping or spring roller, the risk of damage to both the load and the loading and unloading device is significantly reduced. There is also an additional disadvantage of problems with resonant vibration, when the transport equipment is in contact with irregular surfaces. These vibrations are also spread through equipment, which is potentially dangerous not only for the goods, but also for the operator.

In industrial environments, one of the most disturbing problems is the noise level. This can be dangerous for the concentration of workers and, therefore, the reduction of environmental noise must be taken very seriously. One of the main factors that contribute to the appearance of noise in industrial plants is the equipment used. Most of them emit a lot of noise and vibrations when they come into contact with uneven surfaces or other mechanisms.


An effective noise control strategy used by several industrial plants around the world is to incorporate damping rollers in their equipment. It has been shown to reduce environmental noise, which in turn contributes to improved performance. The installation of damping wheels in machines and equipment has another advantage, as it increases the useful life of the device. It is believed that, compared to conventional rollers, spring loading can significantly reduce the degeneracy of the equipment, which increases the useful life of the equipment. Shock absorption rollers are used in many industries, including the automotive industry, medicine and the aerospace industry, in fact, where the equipment is very sensitive, cumbersome or heavy.

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