Are You Prone to Foot Infection? Find Out Here.

The feet is the most vulnerable to infection especially when you are used to wearing socks and you have to be on your shoes most of the time. This can create a moist environment where bacteria and fungi can grow in. But not everyone can develop foot infection. So how will you know that you have one? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Symptoms of Foot Infection

Most foot injuries can lead to infections. And this can be very painful and make it difficult for anyone to walk on. There are different types of injuries and many of them can lead to an infection. The most common symptoms of foot infectiion includes swelling, redness and warmth around the area, a foul smell, a yellow or green pus, or if it forms a red or brown discoloration. Pain should also be watched out for because this can lead to difficulty in walking. And for these symptoms, you can use onycosolve spray kaufen schweiz to treat it.

Common Types of Foot Infection

There are different types of foot infection that you should be aware of. Although all types usually share similar symptoms, there are various ways that the foot can become infected. So here are the most common types of foot infection that you should be aware of:


  • Infected Blisters. The blisters are small pockets of fluid. It can develop because of friction from wearing shoes that can be too tight. For most blisters, it will heal after a couple of days with no complications. Just avoid picking or bursting the blister to reduce the risk of infection. And for infected blisters, you can use onycosolve schweiz.
  • Fungal Infections. Know that bacteria can cause different types of skin infections. But fungi can also cause foot infection. It thrives in warm and moist environments like swimming pools, showers, and locker rooms. If you are regularly visiting these places without using proper footwear, you an develop a fungal foot infection.
  • Wound Infection. If you have wounds and you do not care for it properly, it can become infected once the bacteria enters the body through it. And the wound infection can be mild to severe.

Now that you know the symptoms, causes, as well as the different types of foot infection that you should be aware of, it would be so much easier for you to deal with them in the future. And remember that for all of the different types of foot infection that you are probably suffering from right now, you can always use Onycosolve as a proven effective treatment.

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