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            Even though there are several ailments and severe diseases within the human beings, the most dreaded condition that any person resents is the process of ageing. It appears that humans are frightened of ageing more than they do of the dreaded disease of cancer. However, the ageing process does catch up due to the bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle. This causes the production of free radicals in the body and these combine with the tissues and causes oxidation of the tissues and this in turn causes joint pains, muscle inflammation, and other such illnesses that are of great concern. The right remedy for this is to consume the right antioxidants that prevent the oxidation process by blocking the free radicals. Read more on the subject at the link at

How it is processed?

            The astaxanthin is the red pigment that is available in the red algae found n the red sea. The red algae are unique to the red sea that gives the distinguished red colour to the waters of the red sea. These are produced in the algae due to the processing using the sunlight. However the algae can survive the drought periods by being dormant. The natural source is from the marine animals like the salmon, shrimps and the krill which after consuming these red algae get their red pigmentation in their muscles. When you consume these seas food, you will get much of the antioxidants.

cell membrane


            The astaxanthin can also be produced synthetically by the drug industry from the petrochemicals. But the natural source is considered best which is processed from the marine animals. The antioxidants are available in capsule form and you can consume them along with food. However, the natural one is given preference over the synthetic sourced antioxidants.

How it helps?

            The antioxidants combine with the free radicals an prevent them from causing inflammations by oxidizing the cells of the tissue. When the component is taken in it penetrates deep into the cell membrane and works to prevent the free radicals and foe more information go to

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