Get Rid of Meth from Your Body in a Right Way

Meth is the powerful stimulant drug, which causes energetic high. Whereas effects of this drug generally last from 6 – 12 hours, and meth traces stay in your body for longer. Amount of time this drug stays in your body will differ widely that depends upon person’s physical features, an average meth dose taken and frequency of its use and how long does meth stay in your system.

An average window of detecting meth in person’s urine is around 3 days. Saliva tests will detect this drug 1 to 2 days after its last use, and the hair tests will identify meth use in past 3 months.

This drug will stay in your body longer after the frequent and heavy use of meth that is quite common among the people with meth addiction. The people who are using meth occasionally and recreationally generally clear this drug from your system quickly than the chronic meth user. 

Meth Drug Screening

When it is ingested, meth or methamphetamine makes the way in blood, saliva, urine, hair and sweat. The hair and fluid samples are tested for presence of meth, although some test ways are cost-effective and convenient than others.


Meth Detection Times by the Type of Test:


    Around 48 hours


    Around 3 days


    24 – 48 hours


Around 90 days

How Long Meth Will Stay in Blood?

As per the research done, blood test will detect 22 mg dose of the crystal meth 2 days after person is smoking meth. This article stated that an average dose for the meth users is five to ten mg; however, people who are quite tolerant to this drug take higher doses.

How Long Can You Feel Its Effects?

Effects of meth start fast after the intravenous use and when it’s smoked. The main effects last from 4 to 8 hours, with the residual effects lasting over 12 hours. Thus, amphetamine (methamphetamine metabolite) can be detectable in the drug checks long after a person comes back to the normal condition.

Effects of meth differ widely between the prescribed therapeutic doses when compared to the dosages generally used by the people who misuse the meth drug. Prescription doses of over 10 mg to 30 mg will improve the reaction time, remove fatigue, enhance cognitive function testing, improve subjective feelings of the alertness, improve time estimation, as well as increase euphoria. But, larger meth dose will cause following effects:

  • Inattention
  • Agitation
  • Inability to focus on the divided attention tasks
  • Restlessness
  • Improved reaction time
  • Motor excitation
  • Depressed reflexes
  • Time distortion
  • Inability for following directions
  • Poor balance & coordination

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