How can you treat hair loss for women?

How can you treat hair loss for women?

When a female is losing their hair it can be for different reasons. It can be changing their hormone levels, genetics or it is included in the natural aging process. Usually, there is a hair loss treatment for women that includes medication like Rogaine. Aside from this it also offers hormone therapy, light therapy, or hair transplants. When you are consuming a healthy diet and maintaining a good lifestyle it can make your hair healthy.

Hormone therapy

When your hormone imbalances because of menopause it can also be the main cause of hair loss. Some doctors will recommend you have hormone therapy to make it right. Some treatments use birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy. Androgens can fasten hair loss for women. The use of antiandrogens avoids production and from having hair loss. The medication can cause side effects which you have to consult first with your doctor before getting into treatment.

Hair transplant

There will be cases where you are not responding to the treatments and they may recommend you to have a hair transplant. The process will get a small piece of your scalp and add to certain areas that are bald to boost the hair naturally. The treatment can be expensive compared to other treatments and it is not ideal for all.

Hair loss shampoo

A small hair loss can cause because there is a clogged pore in your scalp. When you start using medicated shampoos that are made to clear your pores from the dead skin cells they help to give you healthy hair. It may help to clear all your minor signs of hair loss.

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Consume a nutritious diet

When you are eating a healthy diet you can have normal hair growth. It can give you vitamins and minerals to have healthy compounds that make your skin and hair healthy. You have to know what kind of vegetables and fruits are ideal for hair loss.

Scalp massage

Massaging your hair can also boost its circulation in the areas and avoid you from getting any dandruff. When you can do a scalp massage it makes your hair and scalp healthier.

Light therapy

Using a low-level light therapy may not be an ideal treatment for hair loss but it can lessen the hair loss effects when you are taking minoxidil.


It also helps to treat hair loss where they have androgenetic alopecia. It is an inflammation where the hair follicles sometimes cause hair loss. This treatment is available in shampoo and it can lessen the inflammation and enhance the strength to have good-looking hair. When it is not available you can use Nizoral and you can easily find it online and over the counter. It has a low concentration of ketoconazole but has stronger concentrations that need to have a prescription from your doctor.