The amazing benefits of having a soothing massage

If you are someone, who wants to know about the benefits of massage, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to share some benefits of massage.Click here to know about Massage therapist Bowling Green.

Oxytocin, the pleasure hormone

Massage allows you to secrete oxytocin within seconds of physical contact. Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter that acts on our limbic brain, the center of our emotions.Visit this site to know about Massage therapist Bowling Green.

This neurotransmitter promotes the feeling of satisfaction and pleasure, which allows us to live more serenely by reducing anxiety and stress.

Better blood and lymphatic circulation

Touching your skin gently in order to bring well-being and relaxation helps stimulate blood circulation to nourish our cells with better oxygenation.

Ditto, the fact of moving limbs and body duringmassage helps stimulate our lymphatic system. This network filled with liquid, lymph nodes and other specialized organsin the filtration of toxins, which allows better elimination of toxins.

Promotes better sleep

When we cannot sleep, there are two main reasons: an excess of acidity in the body due to a lack of micronutrients or a nervous tension too great to allow us to sleep. This tension that the body encounters is due to the stress and anxiety that you may experience at home or at work.

This is why a secretion of oxytocin to regulate nervous tension is ideal for promoting sleep. Start massage at the nape of the neck, back, arm muscles and then leg muscles.

Better digestion

We can practice the “digestive” self-massage after meals to facilitate the work of our digestive sphere in particular, the stomach and the intestines. An effective way to soothe the abdominal wall and eliminate tension.

Better body posture

A massage is a good tool to improve your posture by relieving your joints: knees, elbows, wrists, … Indeed, you will relax your muscles and do a lot of good for your joints.

Improve the elasticity of the skin

With the weight of the years, our skin loses its firmness because the elastin and the collagen are less dense, this is what makes the skin shrivel. In addition, the skin loses its fatty substances over time and unless the ratio of fat in our diet is increased, our skin dries up, itching and redness appear.

Ditto for the hair which becomes white and ends up falling for lack of good quality fatty substances in the body. The oils used during the massages penetrate the skin and helps with the elasticity of the skin.

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