Things you probably didn’t know about hair removal techniques and methods

When it comes to hair removal, it becomes a bit difficult to understand what will work for you and what won’t. There are many temporary options in the market, but the appearance of the permanent has completely changed the rules of the game. Both men and women increasingly choose permanent options to save time, energy and money, often spent on temporary methods.

Obviously, there is a lot of information about such hair removal treatments new york ny procedures, but people seem to be poorly informed about the basic facts. Here we will try to destroy some of the myths and offer insider information about the world of laser procedures.

  1. Permanent hair removal is not “permanent.”

Although many devices are sold with a permanent label, no one can guarantee this advantage. This is actually a long-term approach to working with unwanted hair. Interestingly, you may also know that the hair growth cycle is complex, and some hair follicles sleep during laser hair removal and may become active at a later stage. Then the hair can always grow back.

Another theory emphasizes that laser radiation can interfere with hair growth for a while, but the effects are not always permanent.

  1. Laser devices do not work for everyone.

Many devices specifically mention in their product description that laser devices do not work on all skin colors, but people generally do not go into specific details and end up spending money. While popular products such as the Silk’n Flash & Go laser device provide excellent results in lighter skin tones with lighter hair, they fail miserably in a medium to dark complexion. In fact, recently tanned skin is also not suitable for laser treatment.

  1. The results are not instantaneous.

Contrary to popular belief, laser procedures do not force your hair to do well in the first sessions. In fact, if you plan to do this from a professional clinic, there will be several sessions for the same. The doctor requests a preliminary session to observe the condition of the skin and growth, and then several consecutive sessions are planned.

The same goes for home devices. You must work with the hair removal procedure for several weeks before the significant results begin.

Is it worth the money then?

The facts may seem like we are trying to get him away from the laser treatment, but that is definitely not the case. In fact, we believe that the laser option is one of the most difficult methods of painless hair removal. It’s just that people take it very differently and consider the whole process to be something else.

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