You can apply for a part-time nursing job in Singapore

You can apply for a part-time nursing job in Singapore

If you are looking for a part-time job then you can apply to the home palliative care center. There they are offering the best part-time nursing jobs singapore opportunity. For that you have to follow some steps:

First, provide your resume

Your resume can facilitate the U.S. perceive if you have got the baseline skills and knowledge. If you meet the wants, they are going to contact you for an associate degree interview.

Second is your Interview

You will meet their enlisting team to talk and, it’s their probability to find out additional regarding you. And conjointly your probability to find out regarding the U.S.

The third will be onboarding

If you’re chosen then before you begin seizing cases, they are going to guide you thru some onboarding materials to induce you prepared.

Fourth is initiation

Within a month, attend an associate degree Initiation session wherever you’ll get your Jaga-Me starter pack together with Jaga-Me scrubs/T-shirts. It can be conjointly your probability to say any queries or feedback.

What you’ll be able to expect to try to on the duty

  • First all the main tasks of daily living
  • Then personal care & hygiene you will give o the patients
  • The medication reminders and companionship
  • To facilitate straightforward exercises
  • Then medical escort, these are the general caregiving

Now comes nursing in which administer medication, tube feeding, wound management, tracheostomy care, catheter & drain care and oral suctioning is given. If you are interested in applying for part-time work they call them today.