A coffee connoisseur’s take; French press or Drip coffee?

A coffee connoisseur’s take; French press or Drip coffee?

Starting your day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee is bliss. But even in this, preference for the type of brew is common. Some people like the manual press while some prefer electric machines. With respect to coffee grounds, it should be fine for some while coarse for others.

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The French press Vs Drip coffee

The French press is the oldest and timeless model of coffee maker and is also called the coffee plunger. The parts of a French press are a cylindrical container and a plunger. Hot water is added to ground coffee and the plunger is pressed against it to extract thick coffee. The thickness can be adjusted by the amount of water as also the amount of powder you add. It is very simple and can be easily cleaned and maintained for years together. Also, it does not use any filter paper for this purpose.

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The drip coffee maker is the electric version of the old type French press. You have to add water to the ground coffee at the top and coffee gets collected in the bottom container. The water is heated through the current. This is also easy to use and a simple machine. Cleaning has to be done carefully as the parts should be dry when connected to a power supply.

Comparison based on reliability

French press though an older version is totally reliable since it is manual and can run for years without any breakdown. There isn’t much mechanism to cause an issue in this.

On the other hand, a drip coffee machine is electric and has many parts that may cause a repair all of a sudden. The heating element may go wrong etc.

Capacity-wise a drip machine can make much more cups at a time than the French press. So when you buy, choose as per your need.