Roller Blinds – How to Manually Seal a Fraying Edge

Blindsare very popular as window covers. They come with different finishes and styles, and are available in hundreds of fabrics that cover the full range of colors, textures and designs. They can be purchased in size or in finished blind sizes and can even be trimmed to fit a specific window size. But one of the problems that can occur with blinds over time is wear, usually due to repeated use. Since they can be delicate and difficult to handle, they require special care when you want to repair and limit damage. Here is how to manually seal the wrong side of the blinds, if the blinds are not guaranteed.

roller blinds

Tips to follow

The first thing to do when trying to repair it is to not do this when the dual roller blinds are still connected to the window. Instead, remove the blind from the bracket and place it on the floor. The best idea here is to put it on top of old newspapers or other smooth surfaces. Try not to entangle the cables or damage them. Since these items can be fragile when removed from the machine, you must be careful when handling them, paying particular attention not to stain the fabric. If you have rubber gloves, it is recommended to use them, or at least be delicate with each blind. The first step is to carefully remove the pieces of cloth that are already worn with sharp scissors, being careful not to remove too much.

You can use cotton swabs or a towel to eliminate the result, and make sure the glue is not exposed. The solution is usually white and dry. It is recommended that you consult the instructions of your abrasion prevention solution to know how long you can dry the blinds; however, if you have doubts, you can leave them overnight. Then, before placing the blinds in place, you must wait until the process is completely dry. This can take several hours. In the end, surge protection can help keep your blinds sharp and clean for many years and prolong the life of your product.


In general, it is quite simple to manually seal the wear side of the blinds with a stop wear solution, and this is something that can not only solve the problem, but also improve the quality of your blinds. To do this, you do not need to pay a professional; all you need are the right steps and careful handling. Then you can do everything yourself, save money and extend the life of the blinds.

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