Mission of the profession: Lawyer

The missions of the lawyer are all directed towards the defense of the interests of his client in a legal process. The lawyer has a biased role. If the two main functions of the lawyer are to represent and defend his clients, we can identify five missions: Represent his clients before the justice system. He speaks on behalf of his clients in court. Defend its customers. To do this, the lawyer will have to compile a file, write the documents in this file, support his clients in all their efforts with the judge, business attorney victoria tx  intervene and plead before the court Assist clients in their decision-making, negotiate with other parties involved in litigation. Draft the acts necessary for justice or its client to arrive at the resolution of the conflict. The lawyer can draft acts in the most varied fields, a lease contract for example or an intellectual property contract.

business attorney victoria txBecoming a Lawyer: Qualifications

The profession of lawyer is very demanding, it is necessary to show many qualities. The defender must be very organized in his work and be able to easily assimilate a very large amount of information because the law is vast and sometimes complicated. The board must have an analytical capacity and a spirit of synthesis developed. The lawyer is driven by the desire to uphold the law. It must be flawless, which is why ethics and professional conduct are at the center of this profession. During the oath taken by the future lawyer, he promises to show “dignity business attorney victoria tx , conscience, independence, integrity and humanity” in the exercise of his functions. The defenders must be trustworthy and respect professional secrecy vis-à-vis their clients.

A lawyer is also a high-quality speaker. Often considered to be an eloquent person, the lawyer must convince his audience by using argument and logic. One of the essential qualities of a good defender is alertness and responsiveness to know how to counter the arguments of his opponent, the prosecutor. Students moving towards this career should not neglect the educational dimension of the legal profession. They will have to advise clients, give them explanations and often convince them. He sometimes plays the role of a mediator, even a psychologist. Moreover, the lawyer can be confronted with very tense or even very harsh situations, he must show strength of character. Do you think you are made for this job? Take the “Lawyer” business test now.

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