Let’s Go Back to the Basics! Start Using a Fertility Calculator

Are you excited to have a baby? Then you should know how your cycle works. If you understand your menstrual cycle at a deeper level, use this to help you figure out your ovulation pattern. Your fertility calculator is like your blueprint to successfully plan your intimate moments with your partner to successfully conceive a baby at your most fertile days.

            If you don’t have any idea how to use a fertility calculator, find out here. It’s very simple! Fertility calculators are now available online. You can even download an ovulation calculator app directly on your phone to have access to your menstrual cycle tracking, anywhere you go.

How to Calculate Your Ovulation

            Knowing the perfect timing in conceiving a baby is very important. You can use a fertility calculator to determine your most fertile days and you will also find out here the times that you ovulate. When using a fertility calculator, it will just ask for the first day of your last menstruation as well as your average cycle length. The fertility calculator will compute it for you until the estimated ovulation date will be provided. This will guide you on the perfect dates when you can try to conceive a baby.

Why Use a Fertility Calculator?

            The fertility calculator will simply base the information on your menstrual cycle. But aside from this, you can also try to listen to your body as it will provide you with hints and symptoms when you are at your most fertile. This serves as your guide which is like an ovulation tracker. Your basal body temperature changes, you can also check for your cervical mucus consistency, breast tenderness, and also an increase in libido. These are the natural symptoms that you should watch out for and work it together with the fertility calculator for best results.

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