Idea behind designing a hidden/ Murphy bed

The main aim of the hidden bed is to make arrangements for more space in the tiny room. You can flip the bed at one of its horizontal edges, and store it vertically inside a closet. Murphy/ hidden bed is an appropriate choice when you are running short of space. The mattress is generally attached to the bed frame, with a lock at each corner.

Advantages of the hidden beds are given below:hdb hub showflat

  • Save you a lot of space – In small apartments, wall beds are essential because of the little space they occupy.
  • Easy accessible – It is simple to open and close the bed and also very safe to use.
  • Customize your bed to meet your requirements – You can customize your bed to fulfill your tastes and needs.
  • Economic and pocket-friendly – Murphy beds prove to be cheaper than the regular ones, as you can get a bed for the night, without adjusting the free space of your room required for the day time, at a cheap and affordable price.
  • Dissemble easily – You can dismantle your bed and transport it to other places where you decide to move and reassemble it.
  • Various choices – These beds are available diverse options ranging from traditional styles to contemporary ones to fit your color scheme and furniture style preference.

With hdb hub showflat, a hidden bed can be simply styled as a bed cabinet or can include shelving, drawer space, tables, or desk space. So choose the bed style with the functionality you need.

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