How your Space Affects Your Health

Where we live is as important as how we live.  Many people tend to underestimate the importance of our immediate space in our health.  Health experts and doctors all agree that there are basics in maintaining a healthy space, and knowing what those are can greatly improve our general health and that of our family’s.  These days, healthy practices are incorporated in the design process of many homes and buildings.  It is quite common to see these features, such as natural ventilation systems which aim to reduce the need for energy to produce clean air, in houses and buildings.  Our houses and offices are where we spend most of our time in, and logic follows that these space generally affect our health.

If you are a home owner or an office manager, here are a few basic principles you can follow if you want to make your space friendlier to your health.

Minimizing moisture can have great effects. 

This is a common understanding and principle to a healthy space that’s been around since ancient times.  Moisture causes molds and other fungi to develop and it can trigger untoward health reactions such as asthma attacks and allergies which could be fatal.  Moisture also attracts other pests like cockroaches and they help dust mites to thrive, further leading to more health and respiratory problems.  Make sure your space is dry, and if you live in a cold country, furniture that do not attract and keep moisture like leather, metals, and glass can be very beneficial.  This way, you only have to worry about eliminating moisture in the air and in the walls.  It also makes great sense to invest in a good heating and filtering systems as they have been proven to keep moisture and dust down, whilst providing clean air.

Keeping your space well-ventilated can also do wonders to your health.

 Many of the health-related problems at home is about respiratory problems due to bad ventilation.  The good thing about modern ventilation systems is that they contain better filtering systems that does not only keep the air dust free, but they also have new technology that kill germs on contact like the Silver Nano technology.  Keeping a good ventilation system also ensures you get fresh air from the outside which is constantly being mixed with air inside.  This creates a healthy space because it makes it less likely to get carbon monoxide poisoning from things can use combustion to work.  You might not realize it, but many items inside the house use combustion to work, from stoves to candles, and even leaks from the garage can cause nausea, headaches, and unexplained fatigue.

Keeping your house clean makes it less attractive to pests.

 Many of diseases can be traced to the presence of pests in the house such as rats and cockroaches.  Cockroach feces and skin can trigger many respiratory problems and have been linked to asthma attacks.  Keeping your pest-free also means lessening the need for pesticides, which are full of harmful chemicals.

Surround yourself with fresh air

One of the best ways to maintain healthy spaces is to reduce the amount of chemicals in the air by using natural materials in construction and furniture.  There are many volatile compounds around the house you may not know about.  For instance, lead and asbestos can be found in some types of flooring adhesives and can be avoided if you use wooden floors instead.  Also be in touch with current trends in furniture technology as new carpets and rugs carry air cleaning properties and release no harmful chemicals as they deteriorate, unlike older models.  This way, you can make sure the furniture you buy now can have lasting health benefits.

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