Once your ideas are structured, you will need to set up deadlines. For this, the Gantt chart requires the most important information to create a realistic schedule: The start and end date of the project.  All tasks. The duration of each task.  The possible overlap between the tasks Gantt chart and the duration of this overlap. The highly organized vision of Gantt mode will allow you to detect inconsistencies, to have a clear vision on the general aspect of your schedule and to report on its feasibility.


In the event of an unexpected event, the Gantt chart allows you to make the necessary changes very quickly and easily. This allows you to: Prepare yourself effectively for the changes that each unexpected will cause. Prepare the next deadlines. Communicate dynamically with your teams by putting the information at their disposal. And that’s not all! Since the tasks are related to each other, during any change you will be able to observe the other tasks. If you move a task because of delay or otherwise, your entire action plan will undergo a change taking into account your constraints, which is a huge time saver.


Gantt chart

With a Gantt chart style schedule anyone can find the information they need without having to plan endless meetings. The visual aspect makes it a good communication tool that will allow the flow of information to be more fluid between the multiple collaborators. Each employee will have access at a glance to the progress of each task, the start and end dates and the superposition of the scheduled tasks. Each person can therefore be informed of any delay or correction. You can draw attention to a critical point by choosing a bright color for example. Communicating well will avoid any misunderstanding and delays on the project.

Saving time, efficiently optimizing resources, structuring ideas … Building a Gantt-type schedule will certainly ensure exceptional productivity and tranquility. This tool has, however, some limitations if you want more project management. Some features such as reporting, workload anticipation, or cost management cannot be used with a Gantt chart.

But, be fearless, some solutions on the market, such as Visual Planning, allow you to plan in Gantt mode and combine the management features necessary for good planning and project management. Request a demonstration as soon as possible and see how Visual Planning can answer your planning questions.


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