All you need to know about Bowling

Bowling history

Bowling on the grass began in the 13th century in Britain. This means that the sport has had many years to develop. It started as a sport for the elderly who were looking for something to keep them busy. A bowling green has offered older people outdoor sports that will not only entertain them, but also encourage them to play sports.

In the early years, and this is a tradition, players usually wear white. Therefore, they earned the name of Leghorn in honor of the chicken. The comparison, some say, was accurate!

David Deicke

Bowling on the grass, as we have correctly pointed out, began in Britain. However, it later spread to many other Commonwealth countries. Today it has spread to several Commonwealth countries such as Scandinavia, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the British Isles. Therefore, if you are going to visit these countries, you will most likely see many bowling clubs open in them. It is in these bowling clubs that bowling competitions are held on grass.

Given its popularity

Although we mentioned that David bowling on the grass began as a sport for especially older people, this does not necessarily mean that only older people play or like bowling. If you take the time to visit the bowling club, you will notice that there are probably younger people than older people who came to the bowling alley.

A large number of young people at many bowling events on the grass can be explained by the exaggeration that accompanies modern bowls. Usually, in a bowling alley there is enough beer and barbecue. In addition to this, there are also musicians, DJs and bands that are generally invited to perform at these events.

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