All about vivo y11

Even though there are many smartphones in the market, some models are more popular among the users. VIVO Y11 is one such model thatis very popular in the recent days. The people who are new to this smartphone can make use of the following discussion to gain better information about it.


Obviously the first and foremost thing that comes to mind while thinking about a smartphone is its body. The overall weight of this device is very average. While considering the color, they are available in two different colors. It includes green and red. The buyers can feel free to choose to the color that they are in need of.


Even though the internal memory of this smartphone is 3GB, they have the internal storage that is about 32 GB. This internal storage can be expanded with the help of microSD card. In case if the users are in need of more internal storage they can make use of the SD card or they can use the internal memory.


The next interesting thing that is to be known about vivo y11 is the sensor. They tend to have the most outstanding sensor that can provide the best experience for the users. It also has a finger print scanner through which the users can ensure the security features to a greater extent. That is the users can easily get rid of the annoyed users who are attempting to open the smartphone without the knowledge of the users.

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