Benefits of electronic prescription

Benefits of electronic prescription

Technology advances every day and within the field of health it is quite evident.  A practice today is quite different from what it was a decade or two ago.  Now there are different equipment and devices aimed at facilitating your work.  While another of the changes has been the arrival of electronic signature capture for pharmacies medical prescriptions.  Although it seems simple, it is actually a trend that is on the rise and more and more health professionals are incorporating this modality into their service.

 Easy stocking

The interoperability of medical prescriptions refers to the fact that any patient who has received a consultation and a prescription can fill the medications in the pharmacy of their choice in a safe way and without the need to deliver the printed instructions to the doctor.

 Adherence to treatment

Patients not only receive the physical prescription but also digitally email.  This allows them to always have their doctor’s instructions and follow the treatment exactly as indicated.

 Collection period

 The electronic prescription is designed so that patients can pick up any medication indicated by the doctor.  This is in effect until the patient completes their treatment.In other words, depending on the dosage required by the patient and the amount of medication contained in the treatment container, the system detects when the user will need a new container and thus register it in the system.  Therefore, until a few days before the first one is about to end, a new one will not be available and so on until the end of the treatment period established by the doctor.

 Reduce errors

Electronic prescriptions allow the instructions issued by the doctor to be completely legible, clear and available when the patient requires it.  In addition, it helps reduce the risk of incorrect prescription interpretations.In fact, the pharmacist will remotely access the patient’s data, the doctor’s prescription and any other instructions given by the doctor regarding the treatment, also improving the patient’s therapeutic follow-up from the pharmacy.


The price of drugs for a chronic disease can be very high.  Therefore, through electronic prescriptions you can limit the out-of-pocket expense of the patient to offer the options that are suitable for each case.