The iconic characters in studio ghibli

As we all know studio ghibli is a world famous animation studio located in Japan. The animation characters created by them have impressed the people of various age groups. This studio is engaged in making animation films, video games and TV commercials. However, the characters created in their animation series have paid way for their popularity. They have created more number of characters in animation. Among these characters some tend to have a great reach among the animation lovers. Such iconic characters of studio ghibli are revealed in this article.

Seita and Stesuko

This can be considered as the most emotional characters of Ghibli film. The bonding between these characters exhibited the deep care and affection of a brother and sister. These characters not only have the craze among kids but also the adult ones.


This is another beautiful character which added value to the ghibli characters. Nausicaa is a beautiful princess who is well renowned for her beauty and courage. This character was exhibited in order to reveal the hidden power in girls.


This is another strong female character created by Ghibli. Basically Ghibli is highly intended in launched the best female characters and Kiki is one among them. This beautiful girl seeks for independence in all her way.

Jiro Horikoshi

This is a character in wind rises and this character is created based on a real person. This is one of the most important reasons for the popularity of this character. Horikoshi is a Japanese engineer who created aircrafts which was used in Second World War.

Likewise several other interesting characters like Totoro characters where created by Ghibli. The people who are very much crazy about these characters can prefer to buy the ghibli anime products and accessories. Using such products will be more interesting than they sound to be. They can buy the product based on the ghibli character which has impressed them to a greater extent. Especially this kind of anime products can be gifted for the kids as they always has a great craze towards anime characters.

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