Eat-and-Go Police is the largest eat-and-run verification site in Korea

Eat-and-Go Police is the largest eat-and-run verification site in Korea

It’s Eat-and-Go Police. Eat-and-run verification site Eat-and-go Police is Korea’s largest eat-and-run verification website, providing services to many people who want to know if the restaurant they go to is the place to eat or not. Eat and go police can also be checked on mobile, so you can check out the information of any restaurants you are looking for at any time according to your taste. Eat and Go Police users report more than 1 million visitors every day, confirming that it’s a good start for Korea to grow into an advanced country in food culture.

The Eat And Run Verification Site It was a cold February morning in Korea in 2015 when a case occurred in which a few people were brutally murdered by a man named Kim Sa-min. The killer, Kim Sa-min, had been accused of being crazy about killing and raping women for many years. Still, all the previous charges of murder and rape had been dismissed due to his mental illness or because there was no reliable evidence.

While the victim’s family buried their trauma on a snowy hill in February 2015, Eat-and-Go Police was going on an Eat and Run verification site called Eat-and-see company Eat And Go. Eat and go police themselves verified once again that they were innocent. As an Eat And Run Verification Site, Eat And Go, Eat And Go is only responsible for verifying those who run away from those who eat alone. 먹튀검증업체 Eat And Go founded in 2012 by Chang Ki-hoon. Eat And Go reported that the founder had once run away after eating at a restaurant owned by his friend, so Eat And Go started Eat And Run Verification Site Eat And See Company Eat And See. It is the largest Eat and Run verification site in Korea, with more than 1 million users visiting every day.

The Case of Kim Sa-min After verifying again, Eat Daigo Police found out that there were 6 cases of murder or rape of women when Mr. Kim Sa min was serving his sentence for mental illness at a state psychiatric hospital (the police verified only 5 cases).