In this digital age, almost everything is competing for mind shares, especially in cyberspace and more importantly in this recent time. A recent study shows that the average attention span of a person drops from 12 seconds to 8.25 seconds for the past 15 years which is even shorter compared to the 9-second attention span of a goldfish. This happens because of the abundant information presented to us daily that prompts our minds to focus on matters which truly deserve attention. Hence, it becomes a challenge both for small- and medium-sized businesses on how to upscale their market niche against giant attention hoarders.

Micro-Content Strategy

There are a lot of ways to create an upsurge in your business, but the MOST EFFECTIVE of them all is—video marketing. Video marketing is a marketing strategy that integrates short, but compelling and informational videos that briefly showcase the company’s brand. This micro-content strategy can effectively promote products or services on any web-based platform which eventually converts the leads to sales through establishing a multifaceted connection towards the target customers.

7 Positive Impacts of Video Marketing

A video is a versatile and powerful tool utilized in many fields like business, educational facilities, or even social media influencers because of its following positive impacts on boosting the views:

  • Instantly captivating

The combination of imagery, typography, video effects, and color psychology creates artistic harmony that accentuates the content of the video and evokes an emotional response from your viewers.

wave video

  • Good learning tool

It provides bite-sized information presented in an engaging way which makes your content digestible and easy to remember.

  • Effective sensory stimulator

Video clips can effectively stimulate the 5 senses of your viewers which persuade them to take actions like hitting that “add to cart” button.

  • Boosts the rate per view

Based on Google’s data analysis, your business platform will frequently appear on search engine results pages (SERPS) as a result of an increased dwelling time of visitors to your page just by simply watching the videos you incorporated in it.

  • Multiplies the sharing frequency

According to Small Business Trends, people often share videos than written content with their peers, especially if it is enjoyable.

  • Converts lead to sales

Since videos activate the sensory organs of the viewers and influence their decision-making, it is a great way to raise your revenues.

  • Brand familiarity

Your video content is the easiest and fastest way to briefly introduce your brand to your target customers.

To be able to experience all these perks in your business or social media account, it is recommended to use an online video editor with up-to-date effects and create a wave video. A video that initiates waves of viewers on your page and make it easier for you.