What are the benefits of joining Sharesale team?

What are the benefits of joining Sharesale team?

In this article we will be discussing about the benefits you will get by becoming a part of Sharesale team. You can also click on shareasale注册 to get into detail.

  • Customer Services

Their client services groups handle both publisher and advertiser account management. These committed resources work to advise, consult, and mould the strategies of our clients. They are authorities in their local markets. To learn more about the positions that are open within our client services teams, click here.

  • entrepreneurship and marketing

By promoting their network’s features, announcements, and USPs throughout international and local areas, their new business and marketing teams work to bring new advertisers, publishers, and partnerships into the Awin and Share Sale networks. To learn more about the positions that are open in their marketing and new business teams you  can visit their website.


  • Operations and HR

Discover, nurture, and support the individuals who make the Awin Group such a wonderful place to work be. Their culture and people are centred around the HR team. The HR team implements training across the organisation, spearheads wellbeing programmes, and serves as the support network for our people. They are committed to creating, developing, and fostering a dynamic and inclusive culture. The operations team promotes an agile workplace and makes sure Awin and Share Sale run smoothly and excitingly every day.

  • Technical Support

The initial point of contact for their clients for any technical issues or inquiries is our tech services team. They regularly validate tracking requests or troubleshoot client-site code. The group employs a variety of technologies and languages, therefore technical services is a terrific place to start for anyone wishing to advance their coding skills.