What to Look for When Choosing a Forklift for Rent?

What to Look for When Choosing a Forklift for Rent?

Many companies in a variety of industries, from construction to warehousing, use forklift trucks. At certain times when large contracts or urgent projects need to be completed, these companies often need to forklift hire in Sydney & NSW to increase capacity or complete a project on time and on budget. Choosing a forklift can mean the difference between success and failure these days.

Many construction companies and other companies choose to rent forklifts only for periods when they are in demand. This avoids the pitfalls of having valuable unused assets during periods when project deadlines are not required. In times of cash shortage, having a reliable forklift truck available for a fixed period of time can be invaluable, and by entering into short, medium or long term forklift hire in Sydney & NSW, a company can save money that can be better used for other purposes.

Full service rentals are perhaps the most popular way to rent a forklift truck. This type of rental is usually available for longer rental periods. However, most forklift rental companies will be able to tailor a lease to suit the individual requirements of a company that needs a forklift truck for a shorter period of time.


A full service lease has a number of other benefits for the company participating in the lease. In addition to providing forklift trucks when needed, full service leases usually include insurance and maintenance for the equipment, which can limit costs. Service personnel available to perform both routine maintenance and in the event of a forklift breakdown will ensure the fastest possible start-up and operation of the unit. Most full service leases also provide for replacement forklifts in the event of a malfunction requiring a trip to the workshop.

The forklift rental service will also use manufacturer approved parts and consumables and approved lubricants. The use of original spare parts and other consumables can significantly extend the required service life. This ensures that the trucks are available for use for a longer period between the required technical services. This means that the units remain productive and can significantly increase the number of working hours to complete the project.

Some logical steps

If an organization requires the use of forklift trucks and decides to rent equipment, some logical steps are taken prior to a contract of any length to ensure that the company gets the best value for money. First, forklift trucks must be manufactured with established names in factories that have been supplying quality forklift trucks to companies around the world for some time.

Making sure your full service history is available prior to renting a forklift is another way to ensure that your trucks can operate for extended periods between services. When in doubt, ask for reference materials that can provide information on both the models of forklift trucks available for rent and the professional services provided by the rental company.