The Unknown Facts To Know About Gce A Level Private School Singapore

The Unknown Facts To Know About Gce A Level Private School Singapore

The general certificate of education advanced Level which is otherwise known as GCE A-Level examination was mainly introduced in the year 1975. This was being separated from the GCE A-Level examination of the United Kingdom in 2002. This is mainly done by the Singapore govt to have better control of the management of the examination.  Some of the facts about gce a level private school singapore have been discussed in this article.

Top facts to know about the GCE A-level

The A-Levels course mainly focuses on three to four academic subjects, which are studied thoroughly.  In this curriculum, there are no compulsory subjects. Here the schools can offer a wide range of choices of more than 50 different subjects. These are being studied in two separate years. This mainly includes the AS year is otherwise known as the Year 12 as well as the A2 year or the Year 13. A student can study a subject for a single year to achieve the AS Level, or for two separate years to go towards an A-Level.

The A-Level students mainly appear for their exams at the end of two years of study. They just do not need to take the modular exams throughout the entire course. 

The schools in Singapore offering the GCE A-level course 

Many famous schools in Singapore that are offering the GCE A-level course. Some of the schools that are offering A-Levels normally have an academic year starting from January to December. They mainly appear for their exams in November. They mainly publish their results in the month of January. This GCE A-level course is being recognized all over the world.

These are some of the important aspects to know about the GCE A-level course in Singapore.