Muso app – For the hirers

Muso app – For the hirers

If you are a lover of live music shows and want to participate in the best show happening in and around Australia, then you must have to look at the muso app. This app lists the venues that are hosting the live gigs and the artists performing.

It works like a two-sided marketing tool for musicians and venues. The artists will get to know where the gigs are happening in their local area and the venues will get to hire the musicians to play for their live gigs.

Important things to consider to host a venue for a gig.

  • The pandemic has slowed down the venue life for a while. However, the crowd has started to be on board for the night gigs, after a long stay at home. This has given a ray of hope again for the venue hosts as well musicians.
  • Bringing the crowd back and keeping them engaged comes as a challenge after this pandemic, for the venue hosts. Therefore they are forced to be consistent in their offerings.

How does the app work for the hirers?

Some of the steps involved.

  • The hirers have to create a profile for their venues in the app.
  • They have to choose from the numerous artists already registered in the app to perform in their venue.
  • They can also invite their very own performing artists through this app.
  • Once the artists/musicians are chosen, hirers have to create a roster and book them to perform in their venue.
  • The app has an in-built calendar, which comes in handy for both the hirers and the musicians. This helps them to save time, from searching for the artists on daily basis.
  • Once they have found their perfect artists, they can create recurring events in this calendar and also maintain a roster for the performing artists. All in one place!
  • All they need to do is open the app calendar, choose your artists and drop them in your calendar. The artists will get the notification in their mobile app and they will choose to perform or not, according to their feasibility.

Benefits for the hirers.

  • This lets to have effective communication among the artists performing and the hirers. They also have the option to chat in the app.
  • The app also supports an automated payment option for all the persons involved. There will be no need for any invoice generation manually. It is all built-in and that’s the amazing fact about this app.
  • Any digital application is not user-friendly until it has an amazing support team. This app fulfills that criteria too. There a support team available for assistance at any stage of the process.

So what are you waiting for! If you are an artist get yourself signed up for the amazing opportunity to reach out to the audiences.If you are a hirer, choose to host an exciting gig at your venue from the bunch of talents available out there in the app.


Choosing enthusiastic performers to perform in your venue is the important factor that will gather the crowd to your venue, along with the amazing hospitality, menu, and ambiance. The muso app is a perfect choice, that supports all the above-said factors.