How does an instant loan work?

How does an instant loan work?

After entering the personal data (income, expenses, etc.) in the loan calculator, an immediate confirmation from various banks with specific interest offers is made within seconds.  Select your desired bank and complete the application with a shortened and simplified process.  Depending on the bank, this can even be done up to 100% digitally.  This enables you to have a particularly fast same day loans disbursement!

The sufficiently good credit rating is assessed on the basis of your previous payment history and the amount of your available income.  It gives the bank information about how likely you are to repay your loan payments on time and in full. You will receive the money in your account within 24-72 hours.  Please note: Although you are under time pressure, it is important to us that you take the time to adequately compare the best same day loans.

Advantages of the instant loan

  • Non-binding, free loan request
  • Preliminary instant confirmation
  • Shortened and simplified process – possible at any time from the comfort of home and 100% online at many banks
  • Safe – no data is passed on to third parties
  • Free use
  • No hidden fees, no additional costs
  • Inexpensive – in some cases extremely low interest rates thanks to special conditions

At the end of the comparison, information about the loan disbursement is still required: disbursement date, account information, where the money is to be transferred and whether the account view function should be used for faster loan disbursement.  With a click on the button request offers all banks will be inquired and you will receive concrete loan offers with non-binding immediate commitments from various banks.