Black gold durian

Durian’s experience has changed dramatically since I was a child. There is no special name associated with it. Then, in the late 2000s, heralding the era of durian breeding, D24 appeared. king D24 dominated the situation for years before King Musang

black gold durian is very popular and should be yellow with a very heavy, sweet, and sometimes bitter aroma. The meat should be dry and sweet, especially if it comes from an old tree, which is often easy to pass over the fern seeds.

Black gold durian season peaks from June to July, and Pahang season peaks from August to September, with the shortest season in January.

Well, just because you’re paying $ 22 / kg for Mao Shanwan doesn’t mean it’s the best. On the contrary, you eat in the height of the season and the trees are falling while a lot of fruit is falling on the tree, so the best Maoshan Wan you can eat can be cheap!

Mao Shan Wan’s strengths depend on a number of factors. Emerging areas and before the meteorological season. Most of our Maoshan Wan comes from two regions, Johor and Pahang. It is known to be the best of the Laubu and Ben districts of Pahang province. Because these fields are remote, they usually arrive in Singapore at 8 p.m. Johor’s Durian usually comes during the day.

The wording of the past is true, but you still get Johor’s best durian. Johor has several fields with old trees that will bear good fruit. Another thing to remember is that even fruits from the same tree can be of different types. The fruit is first picked at the farm or market and then in Saurian.