Tips for enjoying Thai food on a cholesterol-lowering diet

Tips for enjoying Thai food on a cholesterol-lowering diet

This delicious cuisine uses a variety of healthy foods – including vegetables, lean proteins, fruits and legumes. Additionally, Thai cuisine also employs many types of spices which make these foods a flavorful addition to the cholesterol-lowering diet best halal thai soups.

Unfortunately, Thai cuisine may include some unhealthy foods that could derail the heart-healthy diet. These healthy tips will show you how to enjoy this tasty cuisine without affecting your cholesterol levels much.


Thai-inspired appetizers can be a big hit at parties, since they’re not only healthy, but full of flavor. If you are serving – or partaking in – Thai foods, you should include appetizers that contain a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and lean meats, such as poultry or fish. However, you should avoid any of these appetizers that have been “deep-fried” or coated with a crunchy outer coating, as these foods can be high in saturated fat (and, in some cases, trans fat). Here are some healthy examples of Thai-inspired appetizers to include in your diet:

Fresh Thai Rolls

Spicy roasted peas

Hearty soups and salads

Many of the soups and salads found in Thai cuisine are chock full of many cholesterol-based ingredients.

The products used in these foods, such as lemongrass, cucumber, pumpkin and lime, fill up and give the dishes a lively taste. If you’re looking to give these sides a little more flavor, you should take advantage of the many spices employed in Thai cooking – including turmeric, cumin, ginger, and cloves.