How to capture your baby foot and handprint

How to capture your baby foot and handprint

Once the little infants have been delivered, parents should notice a faster growth, especially girl infants. You can witness their growth by checking on their toes and fingers. That’s why most parents usually buy ink-less print kits for baby keepsakes. Baby ink-less kits allow them to capture the little one footprint or handprint while still at tender care or age. You can print your baby’s feet on either a paper or book record and keep it as a childhood memory.  The following information will guide in using baby’s ink-less printer:

Using white card or canvas

There are several baby inkless print options you can choose from, but you should ensure the product you are choosing for your baby is safe to use on the baby’s foot or hand. Most importantly, you should also know how to use them. All you have to do is an either sponge or paint your baby’s foot or hand, then press it down on a clean canvas or white card. You should also buy a baby hand printer that comes with wipes for cleaning the messes after painting.

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Using ceramics and pottery

Also, you can use ceramics and pottery to print your baby’s hands or feet. So, you can use a local pottery painting that also allows in taking handprints or footprints. You can also use different types of ceramics. Other parents also prefer un-glazed ceramics, which they use to baby handprints on either underglaze ceramics or pottery. Once they print them, they forward them to studios for professional firing and glazing.

How to inkless handprint kit

Inkless handprint kit comes in many different options, and most hospitals use them to capture the handprint of their newborn especially if they are firstborn. It is a magical technology that doesn’t involve any paint or ink on a baby’s foot or hand. They also come with wipes, but you cannot even see anything since they are clean on the baby’s hand. The same method is used to print the baby’s foot or hands. You use a sponge to print the baby’s hand or feet and then press it on the special paper.

Baby footprint Jewellery and handprint

Finally, let’s look into another type of baby print kit identified as footprint and handprint jewelry. Using paint or inkless handprint or footprint also makes it easy to miniaturize the baby’s footprint or handprint lasting memory for the child. You have many options of baby print kits to choose from. So, you are free to choose the one you find suitable or even safe for your infant. Hence you have not yet printed your baby’s feet or hands for baby keepsakes; rush to any local shop or even online store where you find many varieties to choose from.