We can not control every situation like sudden blackouts or you need light, so it is a good practice to prepare beforehand and EDC penlights are the best solution for it. EDC is an acronym that stands for “Every Day Carry” which means that these kinds of penlights are very light, portable, and with a small figure that you can carry wherever you want. It has a long battery life and not that complex to use. So, whenever and wherever you are, Olight penlight for emergencies is a good tool to use.

Why use Olight 13T EOS Dual-Output Slim EDC Flashlight penlight?

  • It is a very powerful penlight that is also convenient to carry around with you since it has a helix body design for a stable and easy grip. Wet hands? It is not a problem because the design will allow you to hold it tightly. Turning it on and off is an easy process because the button for it is perfectly placed on its tail end. It uses a single AAA battery for its power and it will last depending on how much you use it but expect it to last long. It can give light that is very pleasant to the eyes due to its TIR optic lens as this lens can provide a balanced and soft light. It is one of the best olight penlight for emergencies.

  • However, it also has negative aspects you must know like it is not dust and shockproof. Another issue is that some reviews concluded that its light is not as bright as advertised which says it has 180 lumens to illuminate your surroundings.


It is always advantageous that you are always prepared during emergencies and if you want to level up your prepping, then quality Olight penlight is a must-have. It offers you the best and reliable features you can use when unexpected situations call you.