Top reasons why flannel sheets are best for the cold season

Top reasons why flannel sheets are best for the cold season

Flannel sheets are one of those that you can consider that have a really good quality of fabric. It may be 100 percent of cotton or can be a cotton-poly blend. This also comes in solid colors and prints or even plaids. Flannel sheets will work best when you are going to notice its chilly nip when approaching the winter season or fall. So If you are planning to buy flannelette sheets online in Australia.

Cozy and soft

The sheets are made from carded wool or worsted yarn. This type of fabric first made its way in Europe during the 17th century. Flannel sheets always have a brushed nap and usually on both sides. This gives the fabric a cozy and very soft feel when it touches your skin. This reason makes it very ideal for bed sheets during the cold season of the year. When the cotton and its man-made fibers are put together in flannel, the sheets will have a very long life compared to those that are made from cotton.

So breathable and warm

Flannel sheets can help a lot in trapping air and body heat while still allowing your skin to breathe. If you compare this to fleece or other man-made fibers, flannel sheets will always keep you warm but will not cause you to sweat while sleeping. The brushing process will cause little cells during manufacturing to trap the air and also become responsible for making the fabric become soft. Flannel sheets will also have the ability to absorb the moisture away from the body.

How to take care of flannel sheets

Flannel sheets are very easy to maintain. You just simply wash these using warm or cold water and tumble dry them in a warm setting when using a dryer. If you are equipped with a clothesline, just hang them outdoors. This will help in reducing pilling. When you do the first wash just add ½ cup of vinegar to your load to set the colors in the fabric. This will also prevent the pilling of the colors. Remember to not use any fabric softener on your flannel sheet. This will make your sheet stiff and the fabric will add to the pilling issues in the future. When using flannel sheets in the colder seasons, make sure to use two or three sets that you can interchange to cut wear and use.

Flannel sheets are made by passing a very thick base fabric into a heavy steel cylinder. Each of these has very sharp metal teeth. This process called napping will pull hundreds of short fibers from the fabric base. This will form millions of insulating air pockets and will create the fuzz that makes flannel sheets so warm and cozy to use.